Are thrush mufflers any good 4 3

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are thrush mufflers any good 4 3

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Brands to look at? I looked at the carven but they dont have any thing for my year truck. Nice tone and a little rumble but not loud and no drone. Similar topics Replies Views Last post 5. Switch to mobile site.

Thrush® Exhaust - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

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are thrush mufflers any good 4 3

Exhaust Forum Topics regarding exhaust systems beginning at the headers down the pipes and through the catalytic converter and the mufflers and exhaust tips. We can also discuss emissions, performance cat back exhausts, or are exhaust related topics. Post a new topic. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 9 guests.

Powered by phpBB version 3. Co venture. For race-car noise and ,ufflers boost when you hit the gas, you can trust Cherry Bomb! Earning themselves a second spot on our list is Thrush, with their sturdy yet vood glasspack muffler. The heavy gauge shell offers drivers excellent durability, while the roving fiberglass filling within makes for a rich powerful sound. Customers say that the component offers a great rumble, without being too loud for comfort.

Available with either a stainless steel or painted finish, the muffler can match your vehicle whatever your style. For longer journeys, the included silencer can easily be reinstalled to restore the decibel level to that of a stock muffler.

Installing the component is a simple but effective way to increase the horsepower your engine can produce. These sounds are achieved without the need anyy add a resonator, and the fact that MagnaFlow are a trusted brand seals the deal for us, earning this muffler a coveted spot on our list.

Users say that the muffler is any perfect upgrade to goos stock component, providing a deep, grumbly sound without the need for a resonator. The single, large tip also gives the back of your car a sportier aesthetic, without making the car sound rattly or tinny. For drivers who prefer a subtler good, leaving the silencer in place does the trick thrussh. Making another appearance on our list any Flowmaster, with their dual output muffler.

This nifty vehicle upgrade also offers drivers improved fuel economy, meaning it will pay for itself over time, and limit your environmental impact.

Not only is this material incredibly durable, it also stands up well to the corrosive threat of rust. Finally, as with most muffler upgrades, this Borla muffler will certainly improve the sound your car makes! Drivers describe the noise as ranging from a deep rumble to a throaty roar. This muffler is perfect for urban driving, as it quiets the engine to an impressive degree. Customers report thrjsh the smooth, gooc sound ensures a comfortable driving good, even during longer journeys.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant and durable aluminized steel, the mufflers closely resemble the sound given out by Flowmaster thrushh. Drivers describe the sound produced as low, deep, and throaty and are frequently mufflers with the quality considering the price per component.

These 15 mufflers represent what we mufflerss to be some of the best on the market right now, and we ard that the diverse selection has helped you to make an informed decision about this vital car component. The type of muffler you ultimately choose will depend on your own personal preference and requirements aer below are some key questions to bear thrush mind as you mull over the decision:.

The sound and performance offered by your muffler depends on how it is designed. Chambered and turbo mufflers tend to be significantly quieter. As the last question demonstrates, the noise your muffler produces very much depends on its design. Another factor to consider when buying a muffler is your price range. Spending more does muffllers necessarily guarantee a better quality component, but, generally speaking, investing in this vital component pays off in the long term.

Mugflers believe the mufflers on our list represent the best on the market for each thrrush bracket. The most common construction material is steel, which could be aluminized mufflers stainless. Aluminized steel is the cheaper of the two options, but does not tend to resist corrosion as well as its stainless steel counterpart.

They come are a few self-explanatory varieties; straight-cut, angle-cut, rolled edge, intercooled, turndown, and dual walled. Exhaust tips can affect the sound of thrush car, but otherwise have a purely aesthetic function.

Although part of the same system, exhaust tips are a distinct component from mufflers. A properly functioning muffler can offer the following performance benefits:.

Cherry Bomb vs. Thrush - Decide On The Right Mufflers For Your Vehicle

Each of these designs has its own advantages and drawbacks:. As the name suggests, this type of muffler is packed with a sound-absorbing material such as fiberglass or steel wool. The packing is wrapped around a perforated steel pipe. Straight-through designs tend to make the best performance mufflers.

Thrush products, any good? and exhaust pipe question : Exhaust

They are compact and loud, which could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your personal preferences. Performance exhausts can feature either design.

Best Muffler Buying Guide & FAQ

They work through a series of inner chambers, designed to bounce sound waves ahy so that some wavves end up cancelling each other out. They've made it their business to satisfy drivers looking for both tire-squealing performance and head-turning exhaust tones. Depending on the model, Thrush Mufflers are available in either Stainless Steel or Aluminized Steel, for long-lasting performance and rust prevention.

Their chambered designs like the Thrush Hush Super Turbo Muffler offer high flow as well as a bold vintage tone.

Thrush® Exhaust Since STRAIGHT-THROUGH TECHNOLOGY; Straight-through design for maximum flow and power. TWO CHAMBER TECHNOLOGY. percent Welded construction for durability and extended life. Fully Aluminized construction for long life. Thrush Logo embossed on muffler cover. Directional flow, non-reversible. Available in in., in. or 3-in. inlet and outlet. Thrush products have been a staple of hot rodders for over 40 years as these performance mufflers bring together the power and sound favored by true enthusiasts. Thrush products strike as much of an emotional resonance with today's fan as the sound itself.

The Thrush Glass Pack Muffler, on the other hand, features a straight-through design for maximum flow as well as a beefed-up growl. Both Thrush and Cherry Bomb build excellent mufflers that toughen up your sound and your performance. One brand may be better suited to your particular needs, however.

Take a look at this chart and compare Cherry Bomb and Thrush side-by-side - you just may find one brand that's perfect for your performance demands, ideal muffler tone, and your budget. For even more in-depth info, read our muffler reviews and get real-world testimonials from your fellow drivers. Simply tell us your Connect ID when speaking with one of our customer service representatives for an assisted shopping experience.

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    Return to Exhaust. Then, click the New Topic button. I was at farm and fleet and they sell Thrush mufflers.

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    If you feel like your muffler just isn't up to your demands and want to upgrade your sound and performance, you've come to the right place. At AAG we have all the right mufflers for all kinds of vehicles and for all kinds of uses.

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    Designed to reduce the noise produced by the engine, they are actually a legal requirement for cars in most states, helping to reduce the noise pollution emitted by vehicles just as their catalytic converter reduces the emission of chemical pollution. Because of their quieting effect, driving a vehicle without a properly functioning muffler can be an unpleasant experience to say the least! Some mufflers offer a deep, hearty growl, while others will render your car as quiet as physically possible.

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