Thrushpelt x reader 7 9

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thrushpelt x reader 7 9

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Your face banged into Dustpelt's flank, causing your ears to heat up in embarrassment. I didn't m-mean t-t-to You waited for the anger to appear, but it never came. All you saw was a smiling face and comforting orbs. Dustpelt acknowledged you for once, unlike the other warriors who continuously pester you about your stutter and absence of faith.

I'll go solo, Lionblaze will go with Squirrelflight. He probably doesn't care. He probably doesn't really want to work with me I-I smell a mouse.

It was actually making a bout of noise.

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It was obviously very hungry, and was desperately searching for nuts to hide away for it's food storage. It's black eyes studied the bushes carefully, before then continuing. Geader hadn't spotted you, or Dustpelt. Did you hear me? Look, I think it's time you got your stutter under control.

Why are you like this? I became n-nervous because I l-loved a cat, but I-I'm not sure how to say it to th-em.

Thrushpelt x reader :jealousy

So w-when I talk to any-y-one, I loose my c-confidence. But, you trusted Dustpelt, because he had always kept you from breaking down when you needed someone the most.

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Even though he had never really engaged in conversation, you felt like he was a good friend, unlike the other warriors. For a moment, you thought you saw hurt in his eyes, but shrugged it off. I understand. How about you try and catch that mouse. Remember all you have been taught, and know that you will catch it. What I do, is think that I am confident enough to catch rearer in the forest.

Then, you let out out, while thinking that you could defeat a fox, a badger, a lion!

Warrior Cats x Reader One Shots - Breezepelt x Reader - Train - Wattpad

Once you were ready, Dustpelt gave you the signal with a flick of his striped ear. You sprang, and gave a yowl of defiance, before trapping the mouse squarely in your paws. It thryshpelt a terrified squeak as you reader it at the neck. You had never felt so happy, as you bounded over to the tom. Go and talk to the cat and confess! You noticed that he let kept looking down to the forest floor thrushpelt confusion.

Was he jealous? Should you do it now? Well, I might as well now, it's the best opportunity. The warmth gave you comfort. You noticed his fur heat up, but you purr in response.

thrushpelt x reader 7 9

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Nov 24,  · Human warrior cat x reader K Reads Votes 15 Part Story. By tudogg Ongoing - Updated Nov 24, Embed Story Share via Email Read Thrushpelt x reader:jealousy Mousewhisker x reader Ashfur x reader Hawkfrost x Reader Brambleclaw x Reader Crowfeather x Reader Reviews: Jan 01,  · Adobe reader is widely used Portable document format (PDF) viewer software, developed and maintained by Adobe Systems. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that preserves fonts, images, and layout of source documents created in a wide range of applications and platforms/5(K). Thrushpelt x reader. Ravenpaw x Reader. Scourge x reader. Mousewhisker x reader. Warrior Cats Boys X Reader Oneshots *Discontinuing FOREVER* Thrushpelt x reader. Nightflower. You, Y/W/N, was hunting in the woods of ThunderClan territory. You had spotted a robin in the tree, you crouched down low, just below the tree. And prepared to pounce.

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(A/N: So yeah, I made a Thrushpelt before this, but then when I went downstairs to eat my tea, the chapter vanished, so I have no idea what was up with that. I then spent 10 minutes of screaming cause I made a word chapter, which takes ages mind you. So here I am making another that won't be as good. I apologize greatly) Art by stArchaeopteryx Requested by Cake Prays for the World Voca. Read Thrushpelt x reader:jealousy from the story Human warrior cat x reader by tudogg with reads. variouscharacters, warrior, cats. (I had to! He's just s Reviews: 9. Warrior cats X reader Thrushpelt ~ Tragic love. Skyfrost [E/C] eyes carefully followed a gray-brown figure. It was Thrushpelt, your Clanmate and friend - and although absolutely no one knew outside of yourself, you had it bad for the tom. He was handsome, with electric green eyes and the softest pelt, and the sweetest cat you knew.

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    I felt like making this for a long time, but it took a while of finally creating the first story. If you guys like it, I'll create many more stories to come in the future!

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    Just some human x warrior one-shots ya know the usual Ok so actually neko so human but with cat ears and a tail I had to! He's just so shy and adorable!

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