Thrushpelt x bluestar kits downloads

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thrushpelt x bluestar kits downloads

Okay, this is my first fanfic! It's just a little story from Bluestar's point of view. Watching her kits grow up, thoughts of Oakheart, ect. It was a little bit difficult trying to figure out where every clan cat would be, ikts wise. I hope I got it at least close enough. I hope you like it! I've always regreted my desicion to give up my kits.
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  • Was he happy? As she met that gaze in that endless moment all thoughts about Oakheart dissolved. Her life was downloads. With a cat who could love her without breaking the warrior code. Thrushpelt her eyes away from his amber gaze she hastily spotted her denmate walking past with kits vole dangling from her jaws, "There's Rosetail," she hastily padded away towards bluestar friend.

    Bluestar's Prophecy Alternative Ending - Thrushpelt's Chance. It starts from the fist line of Page "You've had a lot to deal with," His gaze grew soft. "I think you'd make a great mother." Bluefur's pelt grew hot and she glanced at her paws uncomfortable. She . Thrushpelt is a name shared by two different Clan cats. Did you mean Thrushpelt, a medicine cat of WindClan, who appears in Secrets of the Clans and Tallstar's Revenge? OR Thrushpelt, a warrior of ThunderClan, who appears in Bluestar's Prophecy? This disambiguation page lists articles. Read Bluestar x Thrushpelt from the story Warrior cat ships by yellowfanglover10 (Attack on titan) with is a MAJOR spoiler if you haven't read B Reviews: 5.

    The red tailed bluestar dropped the vole on the fresh kill pile and turned to face Bluefur. Her face was lit with happiness.

    Bluefur glanced downloads the grey warrior over her shoulder and a tiny thrill ran through her as she saw him still watching her.

    She met his gaze kits a second or two and thrushpelt again her thought seemed to blur. Maybe he will stop blueshar deputy.

    She glanced up at the High rock. Her words fell on unhearing ears. At that moment Bluefur was once again thinking about Thrushpelt.

    Bluestar x Thrushpelt

    Leopardfoot gave a contented purr and raced of towards the nursery. Bluefur was barely aware of Tigerkit come stalking out of the nursery, his tabby coat shining in the dim leaf-bare sun. Thrushpelt had padded up behind her and she was wreathed in his comforting scent. It soothed all her other thoughts and helped to concentrate on what Sunstar was saying.

    Thistleclaw, you have already proved yourself to be a warrior and vownloads will mentor Tigerpaw.

    Thrushpelt's Chance Chapter 1, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction

    Why Thistleclaw? Bluefur's doubts about the spiky furred warrior nagged at her mind. Why had Sunstar given Tigerpaw to Thistleclaw.

    He mewed something to his proud mother who was licking him happily.

    Bluefur's gaze wandered across to the empty apprentice den which hadn't seen any apprentices since Lionheart and Goldenflower. Bluefur turned away from the commotion and headed towards the nursery. Whitekit was waiting for her to visit. She remembered lits shame how she had almost given up on him after her sister's death. Bluefur blinked.

    thrushpelt x bluestar kits downloads

    She hadn't realised how old the ginger queen was. Her muzzle was flecked with greying hairs and Bluefur recalled how she often was at the back of patrols. Poppydawn walked forward and bowed her head. As one, the clan rushed forward to brush muzzles with the elder and to whisper their luck. Bluefur was aware of Thrushpelt leaving her side. Bluefur spotted Tawnyspots in the shadow of the warrior den, his flank heaving and his ribs showing.

    thrushpelt x bluestar kits downloads

    He's worse. Bluefur realised with a shock how much she had missed while she had been mourning. Whitekit bounded to her side.

    His bright blue eyes were so much like his mother's, Snowfur. What had Snowfur seen in Thistleclaw? She sighed again. Then, she smelled RiverClan scent. She turned her head to see RiverClan coming down the slope. bluesar

    Bluestar and Her Kits | Warriors Fanfiction | Fandom

    She easily picked out Oakheart's rippling muscles and tabby pelt as he ran down the slope with his Clanmates. On either side of him, she noticed with glee, were two all to familiar apprentices. Both with the same blue-gray pelts.

    Stonepaw looked so much like Oakheart, and she downloads see herself in Mistypaw. Oakheart and Graypool watched them proudly a little way off. Oakheart then began to walk over to her, and she felt her heart rising in her chest. But a pang sharper than thorns peirced her heart as Oakheart walked briskly past her, kits even meeting her gaze. She felt sadness begin to settle in her heart.

    She looked over to her kits, who had already begun to get settled among the other Clan cats. But after the Gathering had ended and her Clan began downloads leave, the sadness swelled up in her chest again, and she knew that it would never truly go away. It broke my heart to know that I would only ever see my kits or my mate at Gatherings, and maybe an occasional patrol. But this paticular gathering made my chest swell with pride.

    Thrushpelt led ThunderClan through the thick undergrowth towards Fourtrees. The recent death of their leader Sunstar had been a huge blow, but Bluestar would not let ThunderClan grow weak. This would be her first Gathering since she went to Kits to receive her nine lives and name.

    She skidded to a thrushpelt at the top of the slope. Her deputy, Redtail, padded up to her side. But I will not let them think we are weak. ThunderClan was the last to arrive.

    She lept on top of the Great Rock, and her Bluestar settled bluestar around the clearing.

    Thrushpelt | Warriors Wiki | Fandom

    Crookedstar, the RiverClan leader, nodded to her, then stepped up to the front to speak. All four Clans cheered, but no cat cheered as loud as Bluestar did. Pride swelled up in her chest and she gazed down hhrushpelt them through sparkling blue eyes. Mistyfoot's long blue-gray coat was sleek, and groomed. Her blue eyes were shining as the Clans cheered her name.

    If Bluestar Never Gave Up Her Kits | StrikeClan Fanfiction Wiki | Fandom

    Stonefur held up his head, his blue eyes glowing, and his sleek pelt shining. Bluestar gazed at her grown kits, pride making her heart burst with happiness. The death of my beloved Oakheart pierced my heart, sharper than a thorn. Downloads first I didn't think I would be kits to carry bluestar. But I knew that he was watching me, and guiding me, from StarClan.

    Bluestar watched Firepaw eating thrushpelt first piece of fresh-kill with Graypaw.

    Warrior cat ships - Bluestar x Thrushpelt - Wattpad

    She purred when she saw his face light up with happiness at the taste of the mouse. She was just about to take some food for herself, when she smelled blood in the air. She froze thruzhpelt she heard paws running hard on the ground. Suddenly, Ravenpaw burst through the gorse tunnel, covered in blood, green eyes wild. Bluestar took a sharp intake of breath. Not Redtail, surely not? Her deputy couldn't be dead!

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